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Meet the Dentists

Staten Island Dentist
Staten Island Dentist
Dr. Daniel Kluchman & Dr. Lawrence Shtarkman


Dr. Kluchman and Dr. Shtarkman were trained by some of the best dentists in the country in Stony Brook Dental School. They completed their first year general practice residencies at the Northport Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center and chief year at the Bronx Veterans Affairs (VA) Medical Center. They both had the privilege of providing comprehensive dental care to America’s veterans. At the Northport VA, they had extensive experience with full mouth rehabilitation cases including crown and bridge restorations, root canals, complex extractions, and treating various cases of gum disease. At the Bronx VA, they were able to obtain more advanced surgical experience with dental implants, bone augmentation procedures, and continued education in all facets of dentistry.


Dr. Kluchman and Dr. Shtarkman truly care about their patients and work rigorously to tailor services to their individual wants and needs. They value educating their patients on maintaining good oral health and giving them a beautiful, healthy smile.

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